Sunday, 27 May 2012

My boundless Gratitude to Visu Sir



Whenever I watch Visu Sir on movies I felt like seeing Appa (father). Today he helped me a lot like a father in reaching the main objective of my movement “Yes, We Too Can!!!” (creating awareness about the rehabilitation impact and recreational effect of swimming on the challenged people as well as the elderly people) by providing me an opportunity to share my experiences with hydrotherapy/swimming in his popular TV show “Makkal Arangam” in Jaya TV. With this, my movement reached majority of Tamil knowing people across the globe. This telecast, I expect, will give a tremendous boost for my efforts to achieve the goal. After telecasting of this episode I started receiving so many mails and calls enquiring about hydrotherapy/swimming from the challenged as well as elderly people. I strongly believe that in future Government will come forward to provide required infrastructure facilities as per the request and expectation of these people. I sincerely hope philanthropists may also come forward to support the poor challenged people to become healthy and active through this Hydrotherapy.

Whenever I think about the affectionate support of Visu Sir, my eyes become wet. I don’t have words to express my gratitude for him. I pray  God to bless him with long and healthy life to support the cause of as many needy people as possible.

Links for the Programme: Part 1 Part 2

Monday, 21 May 2012

A message from an Ideal Personality - Mr Steve Thompson


Mr Steve Thompson, is one of the very top officials in our Standard Chartered Group. The picture shown below was taken when he visited India recently. His concern for the people in general and differently abled in particular is really incredible. He is popular in our fraternity as a people oriented personality.

I like to share the experience of my first meeting with him. In the early months of my joining in Scope, he came to our office. At that time he gave a presentation to all our colleagues. But I could not attend it as the meeting hall was in first floor in another building (There is lift facility from back side. But we didn’t know about it at that time). While coming back from the presentation he saw me sitting alone in our work place. He enquired about me and came to know why I didn’t attend the presentation. Immediately he told my boss about his decision to do the presentation again for me. I was flabbergasted and felt very happy for his concern. I thought he might brief me the highlights of his presentation. But to my amazement he did the entire presentation (for one and a half hours) for me again. At his level every minute is highly valuable. Sparing that much time by a top executive for my sake is really unbelievable. I have no words to explain how happy I was at that time. So many people supported me in so many ways in my life. But this type of incident never happened to me.

By this caring and humane action he tried to communicate the following message to his fraternity:

1.     If we are not able to provide the required facilities for anybody who is in need of them, then we should invariably take the responsibility of reaching to them.
2.    He guided his junior colleagues how to support the people with special requirements.

In his recent visit he enquired about my activities with great affection. He felt very happy for the kind support extended by our CEO Mr Edwin, Mr Kwan, Ms Gita and Mr Saibal for my initiative in helping the fellow challenged people in sports.

They are my role models and I am sincerely treading their path in supporting the people in need.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Meeting with the patrons and Paralympic Swimming Assn of TN members and other supporters


All our Assn members (Paralympic Swimming Assn of Tamilnadu),  Chief Patron Mr Narsa Reddy, Patron Mr Ish Anand, Mr Singaravel, Mr Ramachandran, Mr Murty from IIT, Chennai, Ms Nagi and Mr Vinoth from Scope Int'l Pvt Ltd, Mr Nagesh met at Sri Sugum Physiotherapy Institute and discussed about the arrangements for the National event which we decided to conduct tentatively in December'12 in Chennai. It's a fruitful discussion.