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All these students want to learn swimming and want to become champions of this year competition. I wish them all the very best. I hope they would succeed in achieving their ambition fulfilled with the support of Govt. and society. I do my level best to appeal to the public to extend their support in fulfilling their wish.


As informed to you earlier, the initiative taken by Mrs. T.U.Venkata Laxmi, CDPO, ICDS, Rajendranager, after coming to know about our movement, is in news now. Many challenged children are coming to the physiotherapy centre arranged by them at free of cost. How ever they need some more support to extend this therapy for more children. My friend Mr Durga Prasad who is in  Pharmacy Industry has promised to provide multi-vitamin and Calcium tablets to these children.


After meeting me, Mr T.S.Chithambaran, husband of my best friend Lakshmi, presented his feelings in a lucid style in Frozen Thoughts Magazine. It is so touching and fantastic. I love to share this with all my friends.


The lady in the wheel chair is Mrs. Sudha Raghavan. She came from Malaysia to Chennai after reading an article in “The Hindu” on my movement yes we too can. She was affected by Polio in her childhood. At present she is around 60 years old. She has been facing so many health complications due to her inactive state for a long time. After going through the article, she approached me through mail and got the details and after that she decided to come to Chennai for hydrotherapy treatment. For the last two months she is here only. She is undergoing physiotherapy along with hydrotherapy. Now she started practicing swimming also. We took the above pic when aunty came to Andhra Club pool to meet me. She is extremely happy for starting swimming at this age which is resulting in pain relief for the muscles and bones. She never thought that she could swim in her life. Such was the opinion of her husband also. But it happened because of their positive approach in this aspect.
My hearty congratulations to her for giving impetus to our movement Yes We Too Can.


Pl find below some pics which were taken at the time of inauguration of Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy centre for the challenged kids by Rajendranagar ICDS project in Hyderabad (This initiative was started by them after coming to know about the movement "Yes, We Too Can!!!"). Special Chief Secy. of Andhra Pradesh Mrs. Chaya Ratan, I.A.S. was very much impressed with the objectives of this movement. Under her guidance Mrs. T.U.Venkata Laxmi, CDPO, Rajendranagar ICDS Project started this pilot project. We hope other State Govts also come forward to start such projects.

Press Release - Dt. 18.12.11
11th National Paralympic Swimming Championship – 2011
Tamilnadu Team Won 8 medals which include 4 Gold and 4 Silver

From Right to left - Mr Ish Anand, Ms Uthira Ramachandran, Ms Madhavi Latha, Dr C Ananda  Jothi, Mr Sai Krishnan - While conducting Press Meet at Chennai Press Club

Paralympics are competitions related to disability sports or adaptive sports. According to the disability level, changes will be made either to the rules or equipment of a particular sport event. Awareness among general public with regard to sports for the challenged people is very minimal in India even though a few people are participating in these events.

After observing the benefits of swimming on her health condition, Ms Madhavi Latha, a wheel chair user, working as a senior manager in Standard Chartered Scope Int’l Pvt. Ltd started a movement “Yes, We Too Can!!!” to encourage the challenged people in sports with an emphasis on swimming. Activities taken up to take forward this movement by her can be found under the blog http://yeswetoocan.blogspot.com/. Her organization Scope Int’l is supporting her movement.

Andhra Social & Cultural Assn., Chennai supported this movement and gave permission to challenged people to learn swimming in their pool. Mr Narsa Reddy, Chairman, Kences Constructions Co. Pvt Ltd and Mr Ish Anand, CEO, The Village have been extending their whole hearted support for this movement. Member Secy., Sports Devpt. Authority of Tamilnadu, Mr Vijayakumar I.A.S. is providing great support for this movement. Mr Dabas, Technical Director of Paralympic Swimming Federation of India has been extending his kind guidance for us to participate in Paralympic Swimming Competitions.

In 11th National Paralympic Swimming Championship, four members viz. Ms Uthira Ramamchandran, Ms P. Madhavi Latha, Ms Jyoti and Mr P. Venkatesan represented Tamilnadu and bagged 8 medals for the State. This competition was held at Kolhapur, Maharashtra State from 9th Dec.’11 to 12th Dec.’11. Pl find below details of medals won by the participants. All these three members participated in this event at National level for the first time.

Ms. P. Madhavi Latha – 3 Gold Medals in 50 mt freestyle, 50 mt back stroke & 50 mt breast stroke.
She won the individual championship under the category S1 – Women - Senior
Mr P Venkatesan – 1 Gold in 50 mt breast storke, 3 silver in 50 mt freestyle, 50 mt back stroke and 50 mt butterfly
He won the individual championship under the category S1 – Men - Senior
Ms Uthira Ramachandran – 1 silver in 50 mt freestyle

Differently abled persons have been receiving full encouragement from the public in northern states. There were nearly 60 participants from Maharashtra, 50 from West Bengal, many more from Haryana, Chathisgadh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and the far off state Tripura also.

With the support of print and electronic media public awareness about the importance and existence of these competitions can be created to a great extent. We want to see that more number of differently abled people from our Tamilnadu participate in these National and International level Paralympic Competitions.


Hi All,

I received the below mail from a Senior Software Engineer in a MNC Company. With his permission, I am sharing this with you all.

Hi Madavi,

Today while browsing internet casually I came across your blog Yes We
Too Can.. and believe me, I am really amazed to see the blog. Someone
affected by polio (same as me), at the age of 35 (just 9 year younger,
but hats off your spirit) suddenly realize the importance of Swimming,
and not only started the swimming, encouraged others to swim! Your
blog is really inspiring. In spite of your daily busy schedule, I am
really amazed to see your devotion to let other PWD swim.
I can share my experience. I also had polio at the age of three which
left me paralyzed in the lower limbs. The area I used to stay in
Kolkata was next to Ganga (Hoogly River) and my father used to go
there to have a bath every Sunday. He carried me, and i sat in the
bank and guard his belongings. But getting older, it was not possible
for him to bring me and the road was not very much wheelchair
But he was very fond of teach me swimming and he talked with doctor,
physiotherapist regarding it. Finally our local swimming club approved
it but after signing the bond. My dad signed personal bonds and taught
me swimming.
It not only gave me gait, muscle and joint strength, but after
swimming I slowly shift from wheelchair to crutches and calipers. The
transformation was not easy enough but swimming is the biggest
strength I gained.

Reading your blogs I remember the old stories.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
Sayan Ghosh


Today we met Mr Vijayakumar, I.A.S., Sports Devpt Authority of TN and informed him about our successful participation in 11th National Paralympic Swimming Competition. He appreciated us very much and promised to extend support in arranging training in Sports to the differently abled persons in our State.

With Mr Vijayakumar I.A.S, Sports Devpt. Authority of TN,


It’s my pleasure to inform you that we have returned from 11th National Paralympic Swimming Championship conducted at Kolhapur, Maharashtra State with flying colours by winning four Gold and Four Silver medals for our Tamilnadu State. As this is the first time for us to participate in such a national event, we enjoyed  a lot and gained a lot of experience.

I thank you all for your kind blessings and encouragement.

11th National Paralympic Swimming Championship -2011 which was held at Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Details of the Participants and Medals Received for Tamilnadu
Ms P. Madhavi Latha - S1 Senior Women
Events participated
Medals Received
50 Mt freestyle
50 Mt Backstroke
50 Mt Breast Stroke
Individual Championship under S1 Senior Women category

Mr P. Venkatesan - S1 Senior Men
Events participated
Medals Received
50 Mt freestyle
50 Mt Backstroke
50 Mt Breast Stroke
50 Mt Butterfly
Individual Championship under S1 Senior Men category

Mrs Uthira Ramachadran - S2 Senior Women
Events participated
Medals Received
50Mt Freestyle

Our Team Members

While doing Marchpast

A view of stage at the time of inauguration function

Our team member Ms Uthira 

Me - While doing breststroke

Receiving Certificate from Mr Dabas

Mr Venkatesan - While receiving medal 

Me receiving medal

At the entrance

With my parents

With Mr Joby - Great International Player
Mr Bharath from Delhi. He got two bronze medals.

This girl plays Harmonium with her legs

This girl is with Cerebral Palsy. She won Individual Championship  under her category.

While starting challenging event for the best players in the event

With  Mr.   Momin

Momin  is the individual champion in S1 juniors Men category

News in Marathi paper about this event -Mr Venkatesan Photo is there
In Closing Ceremony function

A view of the stage during closing ceremony

A view of the stage during closing ceremony


Today our well wishers and media friends (Eenadu, Jaya TV and Captain TV) came to Andhra Club pool and wished the participants for their success in the forthcoming 11th National Paralympic Swimming Competition. I am grateful to all of them for their kind blessings and best wishes to us.

Our well wishers and media friends came to Andhra Club pool to wish us all the best for our participation in  National level  swimming competition

Ms Lally Ganeshan, Inspector in Labour Dept., Dr Ananda Jothi and  Mr Ish Annad, CEO of The Village

Group photo with all the participants and well wishers


Our coach Mr. Gopi  is providing us  very good training. I can't use legs and Mr .Venkatesan  hasn't both the hands. Extremely opposite situation. Even then with a lot of patience he is extending  his support to us. Pl. find below some pics during our practice session for the forthcoming 11th National Paralympic Swimming Competition at Andhra Social and Cultural Assn. Swimming Pool.

Myself, Mr Gopi, our Coach and Mr Venkatesan, another participant

Mr. Venkatesan

Mr. Gopi while showing the techniques to us without using his hands

Mr. Gopi while showing the techniques to us without using his legs

Myself and Mr. venkatesan - while practising


I came to know about Mr. Santosh an Engineer who is working in USA in a team that makes systems to help people with disabilities. After speaking to him I am able to understand how technology can support people with disabilities in a big way to lead their life in a very dignified manner. A great person!

I am extremely happy to inform you that he is ready to support us.

He makes systems to help people live more independent lives regardless of their condition. Examples of his devices include vision magnifiers for people with low vision - it is very popular amongst elderly people also. A speaking device for auditorily challenged people, a special computer keyboard and mouse that uses the person's eyes to control, a medicine manager for people with short-term memory problems.

You can know more details about his inventions thru his below mentioned web site.



As informed to you, after consulting with Dr Dabas, Technical Director and Chief Swimming Coach of Paralympic Swimming Federation of India (PSFI), I requested the following people and formed Paralympic Swimming Assn. of Tamilnadu with an affiliation to PSFI.

I am grateful to all the team members and particularly to Patrons for accepting my request immediately. I am glad to inform you that within a short period of two days, this Association was formed.

Registration will be done after some time.

I have also forwarded four entries (including myself) from Tamilnadu for 11th National Paralympic Swimming Championship which is going to be conducted from 9th Dec.’11 to 12th Dec.’11 at Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Details of entries are as under:

Mr Venkatesan (A boy without two hands)

Ms Madhavi Latha (Myself)

Ms Uthira Ramachandran (A woman with polio for one leg and one hand)

Ms Jyothi Sumit Bose (A girl with partial blindness)

Paralympic Swimming Association of Tamilnadu
Affiliated to Paralympic Swimming Federation of India


Mr K.Narsa Reddy, Chairman of Kences Constructions Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Ish Anand, C.E.O. of Phoenix and Hodu Developers Pvt. Ltd

President: Dr (Mrs) K.Rema Devi, Ph D, D Sc., Scientist E, Officer-In-Charge, Southern Regional Centre, Zoological Survey of India (Physically Challenged)

Vice President: Mrs Uthira Ramachandran (Physically Challenged)
She is a swimmer. She is practicing swimming for the past 20 years and able to maintain her health in good condition.

Secretary: P Madhavi Latha, Senior Manager in Standard Chartered Scope Int’l Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, founder of “Yes, We Too Can” Movement and President of YWTC Charitable Trust. (Physically Challenged)

Technical Director: Dr C Ananda Jothi, Specialist in Musculoskeletal Manipulative Physiotherapy, Founder - Rehab India, Chennai.

Treasurer: Mr P.P.S.Raju, Rtd. Gazetted High School Head Master

Joint Secretary: Mr P. Sai Krishnan, Silver Medalist in Photography in International Abilympics, Japan, National Gold Medalist, Project Manager, HCL (Physically Challenged)

Committee Member: Dr V.Hema Kumar, Dentist, Dencity Dental Care, T Nagar (Physically Challenged)


Today Mr Dabas, Technical Director and Chief Swimming Coach of Paralympic Swimming Federation of India visited our pool and gave his valuable suggestions and techniques in swimming to the three aspirants to the 11th National Paralympic Swimming Competition from our Paralympic Swimming Association of Tamilnadu.

Teaching techniques to Mr Venkatesan

Mr Dabas, Mr Dagar : Director & Head: Dept of Physical Education & Sports from Haridwar, Jyothi another swimmer, Mr Sai Krishnan


Mr Ganesh and Mr Nageswara Rao (Rotary Club Sathupally) gave a few hundreds to Mr Venkateshan while coming back from Sathupally. Rest of the amount was sent to me. Today When I met Mr Vijayakumar, I.A.S., I requested him to handover the cheque to Mr Venkateshan. He kindly accepted my request.

While handing over the cheque  by Mr Vijayakumar, I.A.S., Member  Secy., Sports Devpt. Authority of Tamilnadu to Mr Venkateshan


Earlier I informed you about  "My India 2mrw" - A group of students actively participating in social service activities. They went to an orphanage on "Diwali Day" with sweets, biscuits and crackers and spent time with the kids. They also promised the kids to teach maths and science in their free time.

It's a great thought that too coming to youngsters on their own. I appreciate them very much for their concern for the under-privileged kids.
My India Tmrw- Team Members
Joyous moments with the Kids in the orphanage

Joyous moments with the Kids in the orphanage
Joyous moments with the Kids in the orphanage


As advised to you earlier, in my trip to my native place (Sathupally, Khammam Dist, Andhra Pradesh) a get-together was arranged by the Rotary Club. In that our short film was shown.

The Audience were very much impressed with the swimming of the boy without both his hands. Organisers of the event had shown interest in inviting him to their place. At that time I informed them about his poor financial condition. They came forward to extend financial support to him.

Yesterday they invited him, honoured him and also donated him a good amount.

The event has been published today in all the local newspapers. You can view them under media page.

I am very grateful to Mr Ganesh, Rotary Club President, Mr Nageswara Rao, Rotary Club Secy., and Mr Rama Krishna, Rotary Club Treasurer and their other team members for their great support in helping Mr Venkateshan.

02.10.2011   and  14.10.2011

Mr Pramod (son of my friend), Engineering student met me when I went to my native place. Along with his friends he is going to register an organization with the name “My India Tomorrow”. They have already started doing many activities during their vacation (without disturbing their studies) to create awareness among the students on various topics like personality devpt., current affairs, social responsibility etc. They have already conducted health camp in a tribal area along with their medico friends for which they received a very good response.

All of them are 20 years or below age group. At that age itself their concern for their fellow beings is quite amazing. They promised to include the objectives of our movement in their personality Devpt. Sessions. And now they are members of our movement. It’s a great experience for me to meet such lovely kids who are ideals for most of the people.


I came to my native place Sathupally, Khammam Dist., Andhra Pradesh on vacation. To my surprise I came to know about Dolphin Swimming Pool which was constructed by Mr Ganesh (When I was a Student, I conducted tuitions. He was one of my students), President of Rotary Club, Sathupally and is maintained by Mr Nageswara Rao, Eenadu (Telugu Daily), Journalist. The standard and maintenance of this pool is on par with any other pools in big cities.

Mr Nageswara Rao, Mr Ganesh and Mr Rama Krishna arranged a get-together with renowned dignitaries  in our town. Print and Electronic media people were also present. Short film “Yes, We Too Can!!!” was displayed in the get-together, for which we received tremendous response. People were astonished about the capabilities of the challenged people in the film.

Mr Ganesh and his team members announced that they wouldn't charge any fee for the physically challenged people who were affected by polio for utilising the pool.

It’s a wonderful experience for me to create awareness about the objectives of our movement “Yes, We Too Can!!!” especially in my home town.

Speech by Mr Nageswara Rao, Journalist, Eenadu, Secretary for Rotary Club, Sathupally-Other Dignitaries, Director , Mamata Medical College   Mr K Prabhakara Rao, Circle Inspector of Sathupally Area

One view of the Audience

Speech by D.S.P. Mr Ranganna Goud- Other dignitaries Mr Ganesh and Mr Sinha, Branch Manager, State  Bank of Hyderabad, Sathupally
Speech by Mr Ramakrishna, Librarian - Treasurer,  Rotary Club, Sathupally

Speech by Tahsildar Mr. Tata Rao

Felicitation to my parents

Presentation of Shield to me by the Organisers.
A view of Dolphiaon Swimming Pool - with Mr Ganesh and  Mr Nageswara Rao

With kids 


Today's get-together with Dr V.K.Dabas, Founder and present Technical Director and Chief Swimming Coach of Paralympic Swimming Federation of India is a grand success. Almost all the invitees attended this get-together.  

Mr V.K.Dabas is ready to support in arranging training for the coaches here.

Father Anto, Vice Principal of Loyola College promised to give admissions for the poor challenged students in their college. He advised us to refer such people to him.

Dr Ananda Jothi promised to arrange an academy with the help of Govt. to support the treatment for the poor challenged people.

Mr Benjamin Victor, Differently abled and Vulnerable Specialist of Pudhu Vaazhvu Project, An empowerment and poverty reduction project of Govt. of Tamilnadu expressed their intention to start a pilot project to arrange hydrotherapy for the challenged kids in rural areas.

All the dignitaries expressed their willingness to support our movement and offered some suggestions to strengthen our movement. 

Management of our organisation Standard Chartered cope Int'l Ltd reassured their promise to support our movement.

With  Dr  V.K.Dabas

A view of the audience

Another view of audience - left hand side 2nd row last person Dr  George Leonard Ponraj, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Specialisation in Sports Medicine from UK, Australia and Canada) 

With Mr Narsa Reddy, President of Andhra Club

With Father Anto, Vice Principal, Loyola College

With Dr Karthik, Surgeon specialisation in Euro Gyenaecology

With Dr Ananda Jothi, Manipulative Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

With Dr Pandya, Guru of Dr V.K.Dabas
Mr Benjamin Victor, Differently abled specialist and vulnerable specialist of Pudhu Vaazhvu Project, An empowerment and poverty reduction project of Govt. of Tamilnadu

With my parents

Ms Gita Karunakaran, our boss (Head of Strategy and Planning, Scope In'l Pvt. Ltd.)


With the kind support of Mr K Thangamani Prabhu, Chief Executive of F1 Studios, we shot a short film "Yes, We Too Can!!!". Following photo was taken at the time of shooting at Andhra Social & Cultural Assn.

My Father, Mr Narsa Reddy, Andhra Club President, Mr Varadakutty & Mr Jagannadhan

Intimation for meeting me personally:Many challenged people both physically and mentally challenged are expressing their interest to meet me personally for further guidance with regard to hydrotherapy and other sports
Considering this, I have decided to be present from:

 5.00 P.M.  to  6.00 P.M.  on every  SUNDAY  starting from 15th Aug.’11   at  Dr Ananda Jothi’s clinic   which is situated at:

:No 26/19 Rehab India, Behind Valluvarkottam Near Four FramesTheatre, Lake Area   5TH  Cross  Street ,
Nungambakkam ,  Chennai  -- 600034.


Those who want to meet me, can take appointment by contacting me through my mail id  madavi.prathi@gmail.com


Our colleague Mr Karunakar who is also a wheel chair user today started learning swimming in ASCA (Andhra Social Cultural Association) Swimming Pool.

He told that for a long time he had the desire to learn swimming and after going through the objectives of this project he got convinced and strongly decided to learn swimming.

Rapid strides initiated by A.P.Government in taking this movement forward:

Special Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Government, Mrs. Chaya Ratan,I.A.S., spoke to me about this Project. My sister-in-law, Mrs.T.U.Venkata Laxmi, CDPO, Rajendranagar Project, Rangareddy Dist., is working with her. She came to know about this project through her. She enquired of me about the benefits of swimming for the challenged. She was very much convinced with this and also requested for my consent to keep my blog’s link on their official website for which I readily agreed, as creation of this blog is meant for reaching the people on a wider range.

They are taking forward this movement on a priority basis with utmost importance.


Today I met the Principal Secretary of Sports, Additional Secretary to Health Dept. and the secretary to department of disability welfare of Tamilandu Govt. with a request to support disability sports. I am very grateful to all of them for listening to me patiently and promising me the possible help. 


It's my pleasure to advise you all that I could meet SaiKrishnan who is a silver medalist in photography in Abilympics 2007. He is going to participate in Abilympics 2011 in Seoul. I wish him all the very best. 

I am very glad that he promised me to join in this movement after he comes back from Abilympics 2011. I am confident that this movement will be strengthened with his contribution.

Abilympics is vocational skills contest for the challenged. Ex: photography, web designing etc. Any body  who wants to know about 2011 abilympics can browse the below link.


Sai Krishnan, Silver Medalist in photography Abilympics 2007 and me

Intimation for meeting me personally:

Many challenged people (both physically and mentally challenged) are expressing their intention to meet me personally for further guidance with regard to hydrotherapy and other sports. In order to make me available for them, I decided to stay from

 5.00 P.M.  to  6.00 P.M.  on  every  SUNDAY  starting from  14th Aug.’11  at  Dr Ananda Jothi’s clinic   which is situated at:

:No 26/19 Rehab India, Behind Valluvarkottam Near Four FramesTheatre, Lake Area  5TH  Cross  Street ,  
Nungambakkam ,  Chennai  -- 600034 .

Those who want to meet me, can take appointment by contacting me through my mail id madavi.prathi@gmail.com

Session on Aquatic Therapy

We are going to arrange a session on aquatic therapy for the aspirants who are interested in leaning swimming on 15th August, 2011 from 5PM to 6PM at my physiotherapist Mr Ananda Jothi’s clinic  .


I am extremely happy to inform all of you that the session on aquatic therapy was a grand success. Around 30 to 40 people attended the session. After the session. around 10 people registered their names immediately for the swimming classes. Through this blog I convey my heart felt thanks to all the participants. I hope all the participants can spread this msg to at least  2 to 5 challenged people whom they know.

My Physiotherapist Dr Ananda Jothi (Specialisation in Musculoskeletal Manipulative & Sports physiotherapy)

Me - While giving presentation




Sundari's Comments:

Thank you so much Madhavi for reintroducing me to the blissful world of swimming and freedom today! It was great to be back in the water again..I could feel all the muscles, hitherto dormant, becoming active again.. Of course I was nervous initially but seeing you swim with such aplomb wiped away all my apprehensions..
Kudos to you once again for being an inspiration!


Special Medical Camp Conducted by A.P. Government for the physically challenged children

Under the instructions of Mrs Chayaratan, I.A.S., Special Chief Secretary to A.P.Government, Venkata Laxmi, CDPO, ICDS Project, Rajendranagar, Ranga Reddy Dist arranged a special medical camp for evaluating the fitness of physically challenged children to commence swimming. Muscle and nerve conduction studies were performed under the guidance of Dr Syed Pahim, Ass. Professor of Physiotherapy, Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, by his team to nearly 80 children. They are planning to arrange physiotherapy inclusive of hydrotherapy for six months for these children. 

Special Medical Camp at Hyderabad for the challenged children by  A.P. Govt.

Special Medical Camp at Hyderabad for the challenged children by  A.P. Govt.

Special Medical Camp at Hyderabad for the challenged children by  A.P. Govt.

Special Medical Camp at Hyderabad for the challenged children by  A.P. Govt.


My Visit to IIT, Chennai

I went to IIT, Chennai and met Head of Mechanical Engineering Dept. with a request to extend their maximum support in inventing low cost equipment required for the challenged enabling them to actively participate in games and sports activities. He felt extremely happy at my request. It seems already one professor started working on this type of project in his department. The HOD introduced her to me. Right now she is looking in to calipers, wheel chairs etc. I requested for low cost swimming pool lift and also shared some ideas with them. Both of them were very much impressed with my idea of approaching them for this purpose. She was looking for persons like me (users of this equipment) to know the different types of requirements and modifications that are needed for them in their day to day life. She felt very happy to meet me and discussed many things with me. She expressed her willingness to work with us on this project.

I also requested them to give me the opportunity for giving presentation. For that also they readily accepted.

Totally my visit to IIT, Chennai is fruitful.


I went to the office of State Commissioner for Disabled. As the commissioner was busy due to Assembly sessions, I could not meet him. However I met all his assistants. Asst. Director told me that they had seen articles on this movement in newspapers and they had already informed their 35 Regional offices through out the State about this movement. They kept all the articles which were published on this movement in their notice board for the information of the visitors to their office. I received a very warm welcome from them. I explained to them in detail how our organization is supporting this movement and also about Andhra Club management’s support in arranging swimming classes.

I also went to W.C.C. I met the Deen of Students’ affairs. They are ready to include my presentation in their second semester schedule. I gave the details of the book “Teaching Disability Sport”  and requested her to acquire one copy for their Library for which she readily accepted. 


We received all approvals from Loyola College to start dance classes for their visually challenged students. My colleague, Gopal, who is a great dancer is going to start the classes after 20th of this month. All of us are eagerly waiting for those great moments.

Get-together with Mr Dabas, Genl. Secy. of Paralympic Swimming Federation of India

I am happy to inform you that Mr. Dabas, Genl Secy of Paralympic Swimming Federation of India, is visiting Chennai on 29th Sep.'11 and will stay up to 1st Oct.'11. In this connection I am arranging a get-together with the challenged participants as well as prospective participants of swimming on 30th Sep.'11 between 4PM and 5PM at our office Standard Chartered Scope International Pvt. Ltd., No.1, Haddows Road, Chennai.