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With  My  Parents

While   participating in  Corporate  Olympiad  2011

At  Dolphin  Swimming  Pool in our  native  place  Sathupally,  Khammam  Dist.,  Andhra  Pradesh

Driving hand operated Maruti Zen

I am Madhavi Latha working as a Senior Manager in Standard Chartered Scope International Pvt Ltd. I am a physically challenged person with more than 80% permanent disability due to poliomyelitis. I was a bright student and also very active and enthusiastic since childhood. Even though I came from a small village, my parents Mr Pardhasaradhi Raju and Mrs Varalakshmi Devi gave much importance to my studies. After completing 10th standard, I could not go to college as there was no disabled friendly infrastructure available in the college. I requested the principal to provide necessary arrangements for my convenient movement for which he expressed his inability. So, I decided to appear privately for Plus 2 and also for graduation.

In my childhood, I used to play with my friends in the sand in front of our house. However as age grew, I found it difficult to play with friends as those sports were not suitable to my condition. I decided to be away from sports as it was not the area where I could take active part. Therefore, my concentration shifted not only to academics but also reading general books. After starting my career in the banking sector, my total concentration shifted to my profession. I got lot of appreciation for my performance from all quarters. I became a workaholic. I acquired many professional and academic qualifications.

I never bothered about my health and never made any effort to do any exercises. At the age of 37, I suffered from severe back pain and also muscle weakness. When I went to a famous orthopedic surgeon, he suggested spinal surgery and also advised that if I did not undergo the surgery at that moment, my life would be at risk. As success rate for surgery is minimal at my age, my family members and  I were in great distress. Much against to my cheerful and confident nature, I became very dull and depressed. At that stage, I came to know about Mr Ananda Jothi, a famous sports physiotherapist(specialisation in musculoskeletal manipulative physiotherapy) through one of my wellwishers, Mr Rajesh.

I am very grateful to Mr Anand as I strongly believe that he gave me second birth with his treatment. He suggested hydrotherapy apart from other exercises. All my friends and relatives were surprised how I could swim? They didn’t have confidence in his words and  suggested me not to follow his advice in this aspect. However, I had strongly decided that I should follow his instructions without fail. And at last the day had come to fulfil my long cherished desire for playing in water. In spite of my back pain, I enjoyed to be under water. Simultaneously I took homeo medicine for two years under the advice of Dr Mathews Jo, which helped me in strengthening of muscles and reducing pain. 

Slowly I learnt swimming on my own. I have also participated in Corporate Olympiad 2010 Chennai. After participating in swimming in international standards pools in that Olympiad, I was in euphoric state for at least a week. For my participation in that Olympiad, I got the “most encouraging sports person” award. I felt very happy to be recognized as a sports person in my latter part of life which I never dreamt of. I am very thankful to the event organizers for their wholehearted support extended to me. When I first went to Mr Anand, he told me had I been advised hydro therapy in my childhood, I could have been in a better physical condition.

After noticing these benefits personally, I developed an intense desire to share my experiences with the fellow challenged people. Simultaneously, I was able to understand the challenges of leading a sedentary life due to disability. I came to know about Paralympics through my physiotherapist. After that I started browsing sites related to disability sports. I was astonished to see the facilities in developed countries with regard to these sports.

Awareness among general public with regard to sports for the challenged is very minimal in India even though a few people are participating in these events. I thought of making an effort to create awareness among the public to the best of my ability and extent of possibility. I decided to give presentations in schools, colleges and other organizations. Playing these sports at an younger age improves the physical condition of challenged persons. However, better late than never. Even if they start at their middle age, it helps them in maintaining good health and there is ample scope for prolonging the longevity of life. Active participation in sports enhances their confidence levels.

Swimming helps in muscle building, strengthening and relaxation of muscles which is vital for any activity. Hence I decided to give priority to swimming over other sports events. I have plans to encourage poor challenged children by providing coaching in swimming with the support from Government. I approached Member Secretary, Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu who appreciated the idea and responded to my request in a very positive manner.

My final goal is to establish a sports school for the challenged (both physically and mentally), irrespective of their age and financial condition.

I am really grateful to our management for their support and encouragement to implement my dream project “Yes, We Too Can!”.   
Life is a challenge; let us face it boldly.


  1. Yes , You Can. All The Best.

  2. Brilliant idea... Hats off to your confidence and spirit. You have always been my source of inspiration and will continue to be. At this point in time the help I can extend is spread this to as many as I can. Any other help .. just Order me....

  3. Right now spreading this message is a great help. But in future also I need lot of help from you. I know very well that you are always ready to help me.Thank you so much Aruna.

  4. :-) Yes We too can!
    I'll spread this message as much as I can.

  5. Thank you very much Rajesh.

  6. Hi
    Its really sad that our educational institutions which are so keen on donations don't want to spend even a pittance on creating facilities like lifts/bathrooms etc to help handicapped students.
    Yours is a very positive approach to the situation in life and is inspiring to rest of us colleagues in SCB.

  7. Thank you very much for your concern for the challenged.
    Pl help me in spreading this message to as many people as possible.

  8. Hi Madhavi,

    I know the importance of physical exercise to be fit and lead quality life being a challenged person. I have doubts to implement it. Though I thought swimming is best thing to do but I am not sure whether i will be able to do this. After speaking to you, I thought I should immediately try this. This is my 4th day in swimming, hope i will be enjoying the benefits like you. Thanks for your inspiration.

    Appavu Karunakar

  9. Hi Karunakar,

    I like to see your enthusiasm to learn swimming as early as possible. I wish I could see you as a successful swimmer within a short time.

  10. Hi Madhavi..
    Our Society is handicapped, not people. I can see your "ethir neechal" towards such society. I feel more positive & encouraging myself after read your blog. Congratulations. Pls ping for any help & for your dream school.
    PSID: 1223056

  11. Hi Maris,

    Thank you very much. I do need your support in spreading this message. If you know any physically challenged children, pl let me know. We will try to support them.

  12. Great Ma - keep it up - We are PROUD of you !!

    love, regards and namaskar to all your family members !!

    Capt T N Sridhar

  13. Thank you very much Sir. I request for your kind support in creating awareness among public about disability sports.

  14. hi madhavi,

    read abt u in the hindu today..congrats on ur endeavour..u r a shining role model for others.

    tell me if the shenoy nagar swimming nagar takes kids of 4yr old...who r little hyper active..

  15. tell me if the shenoy nagar swimming pool takes kids of 4yr old...who r little hyper active..

  16. Yes , You did it !!!. Congrats.

  17. Hi Madhavi,

    Today, I read about you in the hindu. Hats off to you and your enthusiasm. Keep up the good work. I will definitely spread this message to all of my contacts.

  18. Hi Mam,

    With regard to hyper active kids, I will check with the pool authorities and get back to you.

  19. Dear Sister
    we are proud of you.I will spread the message. I am 46yr old affected with polio in left leg. Is it possible to come out from Knee pain by swimming and is it possible to learn swimming in the Shenoy nagar swimming pool at my age?

  20. Sir,

    No age restriction for learning swimming. At any point of time in your life you can learn swimming. Pl take doctor's advice before starting any exercise/sports programme. They will guide us about the duration and intensity of the exercise.

  21. Thanks to Madhavi and Hindu. It is very useful for my son aged 13. Any possibility in Hyderabad?Give details. God speed ahead to madhavi

  22. Sir,

    After hearing about this movement, Govt. of A.P. also started this initiative. Contact details I mentioned under Registration page in this blog. You can also refer to "our activities" page.

  23. Great to know about you thro Dr. Vikram of yoga fame. Read your interview in Dinathanthi. Your life story is really inspiring.

    This is Hari having website ‘Inspire Minds’ which has inspiring real life stories to inspire youth.
    This has more than 100 success stories and has over 1 lakh hits. My passion is to inspire youth through my blogs & speeches.


  24. Thank you very much Sir. I have seen your website.Amazing! You are doing a great job to inspire youth.

    All the very best for your future endeavours. Pl help me in taking forward this movement by creating awareness about the objectives of this movement.


  25. My First Day in a Swimming Pool!

    Experience : Its Awesome !!

    Am able to do all the exercises which my physio told to do on the ground in a lucid manner.

    It gave me immense pleasure to my body and mind. There was no sign of my neck pain during those hours.

    Every one who is obese or differently abled should practice this.

    My sincere request to Government and Corporates is to build more number of pools for differently abled. Certainly this will make an Healthier India.

    Word of advice: Consult your doctor or physiotherapist before venturing in to pool. He will guide you in a more scientific manner according to your needs.

    And last but not the least, Hatsoff to Madhavi Latha for her solid courage and the lotus like heart to spread the bliss she got to the fellow people.

    Thankyou Madhavi,


  26. You are most welcome Sai. After seeing the joyous excitement in Karunakar and you when you are under water, I fully share your thrill. I too had the same experience when I first entered in to the water and derived so many benefits from my health point of view. Your comments add strength to our movement Yes, We Too Can!!!

    Thank you Sai for sharing your great feelings.

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  28. Thank you so much Madhavi for reintroducing me to the blissful world of swimming and freedom today! It was great to be back in the water again..I could feel all the muscles, hitherto dormant, becoming active again.. Of course I was nervous initially but seeing you swim with such aplomb wiped away all my apprehensions..

    Kudos to you once again for being an inspiration!

  29. Hi Madhavi,

    Seeing all experiences,thrill and joyous moments i too like to join you all in swimming immediately but due to ramazan fasting iam unable to do so. Eagarly waiting for the day.

  30. Hi Sundari,

    I love to see you enjoying under water. Within a short time you could over come those fears. It's a great thing.

    keep it up.

  31. Yes, Sajid. We are also eagerly waiting for your joining with us.

  32. Hatsoff to you madhavi.
    I will do all i can to spread the message.

  33. Thank you very much Avinash for your best wishes and kind support.

  34. Body
    mimmalni ela wish cheyyalo ardam kaka na tarapuna e chiru kanuka........

    "అమ్మ ప్రేమ"

    అమృతం పంచే మాతృ మూర్తి ఋణం తీర్చడం సాద్యమా ,
    ఆమె కనులలో కాంతి రేకలను రప్పించడం అసాద్యమా ,
    వేవిళ్ళ బాధలో వికారంగా ఉన్న అమ్మ …….
    బొజ్జలో బుజ్జాయికోసమై కష్టాన్ని ఇష్టంగా మార్చుకొని తిన్న
    అ గడియల బాధకు బదులుగా చేసేది ఏముంది ………
    అనారోగ్యంగా ఉన్న అమ్మకి
    మన అనురాగమంతా గోరు ముద్దలుగా చేసి తినిపించడం తప్ప....

    గుండెలపై ఆడుకుంటూ గంతులేస్తుఅడుకునే తరుణంలో
    తగిలిన గాయాలను తియనైన తన్మయత్వంగా మార్చుకున్న
    మమతానురాగాల మమకారానికి బదులుగా చెయ్యగా ఏముంది...... ………
    తన గుండెల్లో తగిలిన గాయాలకు అప్యాయతనే మందుగా చేసి గాయాలను మాన్పడం తప్ప ..........

    కషాయాన్ని తాను మింగి
    ఎర్ర నైన తన రక్తాన్ని తీయనైన పాలదారగా మార్చి
    చనుబాలగా అందించిన “అమ్మకు ” పంచగా ఏముంది ………….
    కదలలేని స్తితిలో కళ్ళల్లో రక్తాన్ని నింపుకున్న అమ్మ కళ్ళల్లో ఆనంద బాష్పాలను నింపే ప్రయత్నం చెయ్యడం తప్ప.........
    చెయ్యి పట్టి అడుగులు నేర్పిన అనురాగ మూర్తికి అనుకూలంగా చేసే పనేముంది ...........
    చేతి కర్రను సాయం పట్టే కష్టమైన సమయాన ఇష్టంగా మార్చుకొని ఆప్యాయతతో తోడుగా అడుగులు వేస్తూ అనురాగం పంచడం తప్ప ……….. సిరి

  35. Rohit,

    Entha goppaga vundo "Amma Prema" cheppadaniki matalu levu.

    Siri evaru?

    Neeku Na subhaseessulu.


  37. Thank you very much for understanding my intention.

  38. Hi All,

    Pl find the below mail sent by a senior software engineer in a MNC bank to me. I took his permission to share this with you all.

    Hi Madavi,

    Today while browsing internet casually I came across your blog Yes We
    Too Can.. and believe me, I am really amazed to see the blog. Someone
    affected by polio (same as me), at the age of 35 (just 9 year younger,
    but hats off your spirit) suddenly realize the importance of Swimming,
    and not only started the swimming, encouraged others to swim! Your
    blog is really inspiring. In spite of your daily busy schedule, I am
    really amazed to see your devotion to let other PWD swim.
    I can share my experience. I also had polio at the age of three which
    left me paralyzed in the lower limbs. The area I used to stay in
    Kolkata was next to Ganga (Hoogly River) and my father used to go
    there to have a bath every Sunday. He carried me, and i sat in the
    bank and guard his belongings. But getting older, it was not possible
    for him to bring me and the road was not very much wheelchair
    But he was very fond of teach me swimming and he talked with doctor,
    physiotherapist regarding it. Finally our local swimming club approved
    it but after signing the bond. My dad signed personal bonds and taught
    me swimming.
    It not only gave me gait, muscle and joint strength, but after
    swimming I slowly shift from wheelchair to crutches and calipers. The
    transformation was not easy enough but swimming is the biggest
    strength I gained.

    Reading your blogs I remember the old stories.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
    Sayan Ghosh

  39. Madhavi,hat's off to you.

    I have no words to appreciate your achievements and aims.

    I am from Chennai,met with a road accident in 2002,injured my spine at cervical level and am paralyzed below my hip with many other complications.My condition was worse before but better now.Hydrotherapy is good but it is not possible for people like me to try it.It would be nice if we have a place where we can stay and move freely,persons staying here can be charged nominally,please give this a thought.


  40. Hi Vasan,

    Thank you very much. I welcome your thought. Pl send your mobile No. to my mail id : I will speak to you. We can discuss what can be done to include you in hydrotherapy.

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