Friday, 6 April 2012

Meeting with the IIT students who are interested in my initiatives


Impressed by my lecture at IIT, Chennai, Mr Shankar, a professor from Dept. of Engineering Design in IIT, came along with his students and met me today. All of us met at Mr Ananda Jothi’s Sri Sugam Physiotherapy Institute at Mahalingapuram. I am grateful to Mr Anand and Mrs Preetha for hosting this get-together. It was an interactive session. Foregoing the pleasures of holidaying they attended this get-together arranged at their request. This shows the interest and enthusiasm of the students. Mr Shanker is very much successful in inspiring his students to think about new ideas. Hats off to this dynamic professor!

Manushya Puthiran, a famous Tamil poet, also attended this meeting and shared his experiences. Mr karthik also joined with us. I have explained to them with the help of Santosh how we are trying to improve Karthik’s typing speed to make him more competitive in the job market. One of the students explained how his cousin, who is a challenged person got benefitted with the support of Ayurvedic Medicine. Mr Anand explained to them the facilities available in developed countries for the challenged and also requirements needed from medical point of view.

I am very happy that my relation with IITians didn’t stop with my lecture at IIT. It is my fervent desire that a bond of friendship will forge ahead with them in the days to come.

I wish one day all the IITs in the country will become more sensitive to the needs of the people with special requirements (including senior citizens).  

Famous Tamil Poet Manushyaputhiran shared his experiences with us

Mr Ananda Jothi explained the requirements from medical point of view 
Another view of audience

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