Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tamilnadu Handicapped Federation Charitable Trust


Tamilnadu Handicapped Federation Charitable Trust invited me to their 12th State Level Conference and presented me Achiever Award. Chief Guest Mr Nataraj, I.P.S. was very much impressed when he came to know that I am a national Swimming Champion. Physically challenged people from entire Tamilnadu came there to participate in this conference. I met there another award winner Kamachchi, Int’l Badminton Player from Madurai. I took this opportunity to inform all the participants about the formation of Paralympic Swimming Assn. of TN and our decision to conduct 12th National Paralympic Competition in Chennai. I requested the interested people to give their details to arrange for coaching with the support of Govt. & philanthropists.

Kamachchi from Madurai, Int'l badminton Player

Mr Nataraj, IPS, Mr Chidambaranathan, Ms Aruna and other Guests

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