Monday, 12 March 2012

Love the Girl Child - A NH Media Communications Initiative


Love the Girl Child is a NH Media Communications’ initiative. This was started on the International Women’s Day (08.03.12).

Main Objective of this initiative is:

Create and spread the awareness on infanticide, bias, better nutrition, higher education, equal employment opportunity, financial independence, safe environment, access  to better health care and ultimately empowerment. 

Today they arranged a panel discussion with around 15 to 20 identified NGOs working at the grass root level at Madras School of Social Work. I also participated in that discussion. I got the opportunity to meet Mr J.Prabhakar (People fondly call him as JP) who is very active in social service activities. Mr Aneesh Coordinator for this initiative is a very dynamic person.

Being a woman I love this initiative very much.

They started a website also:

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